A Woman’s Perspective

It is difficult to understand the other person’s perspective, specially, when the person is opposite to your gender. No matter what the conditions are, Man and Woman are two different domains of human life. I will focus on the Social terms in particular matter of woman’s perspective based in a conservative society. I live in a society where women are vulnerable in terms of harassment. Being stared at is the most common one, on which, I can bet you would doubt if you were still wearing the pair of clothes on your body that you had technically put on while getting dressed back at home earlier. Interestingly, this sort of harassment is very common but not actually considered as harassment.

Many among us lack awareness and many have indulged themselves in this environment in a way that they do not actually give a crap about it! I have seen women passing by those whoย stareย not even noticing them, if they are around, that they would rather doubt their own existence. At times, situations like these also look like Voluntary Ramp walk show where the Female Model is not initially aware of her audience around. Women like me have gotten used to of such happenings on daily basis that even the criticism is observed not very often. Keeping in mind the ‘Being Stared at – Harassment’, I would pen down a recent personal experience.

In day-to-day life, we bump into number of situations where both the genders are involved which help cue us the inequalities of living comforts. Likewise, I came into a situation with one of my dear friends, we were heading towards a local Food Park where we could enjoy some traditional food, after a long day. There were two gates leading to the dining place, one to the Family area and the other to where I could see only Men were seated. While entering we were too occupied in chitchat that my friend, who was the only maleย in our tiny gathering of three people, did not appear to notice that we have started stepping into the ‘Only Men’ side of the segregated Food Park. I, with my other female friend, stopped immediately adhered of our subconscious thinking “No, we cannot step in there. If we do, it is going to be super-awkward for us, because people would stare at us”. Without exchanging a word with the female friend, I stood by still outside that entrance waiting for my male friend to realize the ignorance soon and return to us. Which shortly happened, he returned with a courteous gesture of apology to us ladies and we began towards the gate of family area dining spot where females could comfortably, at least, sit and eat.

On our footsteps towards the Family area gate, male friend excused his earlier act by saying that “I was going in my own flow, I realized later that I had women accompanying me” which left me in a thought-provoking state. I started wondering that how different are the flows of men and women at so many levels. We, as women, had just the choice of Family area dine in and the other area was not even an option if we actually desired to enjoy our meals. And at the same point men had both the options open with comfort that they did not have to, first, ponder about where to go sit and relax.

How feasible does that sound? Not even thinking about places where men can comfortably go for recreation without a doubt for any sort of harassment or personal attacks. For women, they always have to work on the plans too much in those terms. Then, I politely remarked to my male friend that “Ironically, you and I are on similar levels of Career, Education and Competency. But, Here I see myself cut back.” How easily it all summed up to leave me one step back in the race of Life.

“Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then” – Diana Ross

Damn you, Social barriers! However, the men and women roll differently in various societies, I always feel the victory when someone from the Women speak up for their Rights. To me, I win when my gender raise its voice openly in the society. To those who can hear it from a Woman’s perspective, I am eager to know ‘what is your perspective?’

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” – Malala


22 thoughts on “A Woman’s Perspective

  1. Gender inequality is like blood in our nerves in our society.
    I hope one day we will beat it.when, we all raise voice against it.I appreciated your little step towards inequality through your writing. Its a good effort and attention seeker piece of writing.
    Its the voice of all girls who doesn’t have courage to speak.
    I agree with u
    keep it up

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  2. Well written Habiba …. we all face this problem on daily basis ๐Ÿ˜–as Noor said hope that one day we will beat it. During one of the recent Billboard Awards, pop singer Madonna was awarded for the woman of the year. On the occasion she had made a wonderful speech. I suggest u should hear it. It is such a terrific talk that each of us should make her role model ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. Thank you my dear! ๐Ÿ˜€
      You are right. This is all what we face in real world and have got to keep fighting the inequalities and stereotypes among us. Thanks a lot for suggesting Madonna’s speech, I have listened to it and found it interestingly relate-able. She definitely is worth making a role model! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Repression is a seamless garment; a society which is authoritarian in its social and sexual codes, which crushes its women beneath the intolerable burdens of honor and propriety, breeds repressions of other kinds as well. I’m just numb right now, a very well articulated, thought provoking article Habiba.


    1. I am glad you liked it, Neal. I agree with you. Acknowledging and bearing such depressant traits of societal pressures and biased practices could spread numbness to any human I’m sure.


  4. An exact of mirror of the things everyone is so accustomed to believe. I used to have some female friends who di share with me Such similar incidents. I was only angry. It’s pathetic that still today women are considered different when they are just a different gender. They still are human beings.
    Well written.


    1. Thank you for sharing your feeling on that Kumar. I agree with you. It is unfortunate that we are still facing gender biases in 21st century.
      I hope we can get over it as a society and soon achieve equality on all levels.
      Thank you!

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  5. Very well said and thought provoking! It is disheartening to know that gender inequality still exists in your country. Women in our country are empowered and continue to be on the move. Most women hold a key position especially in our government.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to know that somewhere in this word a woman can proudly talk about equality and success experiencing in real life. May I please ask, which country are you talking about?

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