The Convocation Day

It was the day of rehearsals when all students were given the robes and graduation caps for the convocation day. Out of excitement, I hastily wore the graduation cap on the way back home from rehearsals and if I could, I would have slept in the same robe all night like a baby.

Early morning next day finally the long foreseen sun rose. I put my favorite navy blue shirt and some make up on, thinking to myself ‘I must look good in the grad photo shoot!’ And then I got dressed in the robe that I had ironed last night just to be well prepared in advance.

Nails… done!

Heels… done!

Hair… done!

Earrings… done!

A matching ring… done!

Breakfast… ‘Is waiting for you’, said mom standing right there watching me with affection while I was only making sure of all the stuff to be done. Of course it was a big day not just for me but for my parents as well.

Though I was quiet conscious of my grad cap which seemed to fall off slipping through my silky hair. With all things done now I was ready to leave for my convocation with my parents as honorable guests. Fortunately, we reached on time and took some family photos before entering the hall. The ceremony started off with congratulating remarks for all the graduates and just like that degrees were being distributed to one after another student on the call of their names. My batch was the last in row so I waited for my turn happily watching others receive their degrees and walking past the stage.

In no time at all, as it seemed to tick by so quickly, I was standing right next to the stage waiting to hear my name being announced. My face was towards the stage now, watching the girl before me posing for snaps, I had to go by stair case of three steps to reach the right spot on stage to receive my degree. ‘I hope my grad cap does not fall off while I walk up the stage’ I thought to myself with my heart beating fast.

And here it comes… ‘Habiba Tariq!’ echoing through the hall aloud.

With a full smile on my lips, I took a step forward on the staircase and then the other. Suddenly, I realized my right shoe slipped off on the first step and I was left with one shoe standing startled in the mid of staircase. At this moment I could feel myself blushing just as I realized that hundreds of people in this hall are eyeing me and many applauding, too, for my achievement. Within a moment I heard a kind voice coming from the chief guests telling me ‘It’s okay! Come on’.

Fortunately, I was able to keep a smile and deal with the moment confidently as I stepped back, grabbed my shoe and approached the stage once again rising high in the heels. The chief guests politely took the pressure off me with congratulating remarks and assuring me that I will always remember this moment in my life, I agreed. Proudly, I received my degree and looked in the cameras flashing at me, all at once. I enjoyed this amazing moment very much almost forgetting the blunder I just made coming up at stage.

‘Thank you so much’, I addressed the gentleman chief guest who handed me my degree. Now I almost begun to slowly walk away when he stopped me asking ‘Was it yours or mom’s?’ I took a pause trying to understanding what is he asking while he softly spoke again saying ‘the shoe, dear’. It was unexpected to hear this from the chief guest on my convocation right after receiving my degree. Feeling the humor in his tone I laughingly said ‘Sir, it was mine!’ At this moment, both the chief guests laughed positively and wished me best regards for my future.

I thanked them once again and walked past the stage waving happily at my parents sitting in the large audience. Getting off the stage I approached another camera waiting for a portrait to be taken officially, I smiled in the camera once more out of joy!

I was back on my seat watching rest of the students enjoying their moments of achievement. Shortly, the ceremony was called off and all proceeded towards tea. After some group photographs I hugged my parents while jumping with joy. On asking them if they noticed my shoe slipped off, they frankly said that they thought as if I picked something that might have fallen off my hand. Luckily, the staircase approaching the stage was fully covered behind the interior decoration, no one except the two chief guests and the fellow right behind me waiting for his turn saw what actually fell off.

It was yet another round of laughter, this time with mom and dad, speaking of the blunder I made while reaching stage. I am glad no one noticed much about it, of course there would be a lot going on in everyone’s mind other than my missing shoe! Hahaha…

Long awaited day came to an end gathering some more memories for lifetime and achieving some more to be proud of. All the credit goes to my parents for supporting me in every little step of my life and education, I claim my achievement as an award to them!

Cheers! I am a Graduate! 🙂


29 thoughts on “The Convocation Day

  1. Congratulations on your Graduation Habiba.
    I like the incident of shoe which u have written ,beautifull portraid.It will always remain a glorious day of your life.God bless u always.

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  2. Congratulations to your graduation! What a fun story about your shoe. You showed such confidence with a smile and didn’t let it spoil your day. People are understanding, if we don’t make a big deal, they won’t make a fuss. I’m sure you’ll have the same confidence to face whatever come in your way. Very proud of you. Your writing shows a vivid picture of the scene. Great writing! Keep your post coming my way. I love to read it. Now I’ll click follow. Hope you’ll follow to read more of my stories!

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    1. Thanks a lot!
      You’re right. It could have been a mishap of I made it with my attitude but thankfully I managed a good cover up and rather made it a joyful memory for myself.
      I have visited and followed your site too, it is interesting !

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  3. Congratulations for becoming a graduate. 🙂
    Awkward and clumsy moments like this would be cherished forever. The question your chief guest threw at you was really a surprise. I am glad your cap didn’t fell off. 😀
    But anyhow, what matters is you got graduate, so cheers to that. 🙂

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