Fog is Ahead

Among one of the usual days of life, passing by the lavish green trees on my right and a big cricket ground on my left, I was jogging as per routine right after sunset. Sky was getting darker little by little just like my mood that day… dull and low. It is one of my favorite trails for jog, round and one sided by greenery while the other by wide ground for cricket games, but this time it seemed so grey.

Deep in thoughts I was grieved on the recent incident of plane crash in my country. It was a domestic flight full of almost fifty passengers, none survived. The unfortunate plane appeared to have some technical fault when it was just reaching its destination from a northern site to comparatively a large city area.

“Perhaps, it was meant to be this way,

Perhaps, You and I,

We could’ve been More” – Syed Murtaza

One of very well-known public figures was also travelling through that unlucky flight along with his wife which left his huge fan list in state of sorrow. People, just like you and me, living their lives as per usual without any clue of what’s coming next, ended up in a blink of an eye.

“In fiction: we find the predictable boring. In real life: we find the unpredictable terrifying.” – Anonymous

‘They were not guilty, they were not evil but they were just mere humans who had absolute zero idea of how much time they are left with. Unknowingly, the doomed flight was approaching one destination that people were not ready for’ I thought breathing heavily.   Their innocent loved ones are left in misery, not even having a body to cry over.

‘How can so many lives end up just like that as a deadly blow of smoke in the forest leaving the whole nation in a state of darkness as if that night no moon came out in the sky?’ I asked myself slowing down from jog to walk now.

The horrible accident has spread a layer of sadness all over the country. At one moment it seems like everyone is hustling then the other it feels as if my mind is floating in a dead ocean and I see no way out. I wanted to walk no more but just sit still as I was taken back by the irony of the matter of life and death.

How unexpected is life, one can hardly imagine. It was them, it could be me and it could be anyone else! I sat down on a bench facing the cricket ground while I noticed that sky is now completely dark.


Since the darkness started to spread over, so did fog and temperature fell low too. I could hardly see people right across the ground as they looked like black vague images moving around in a fair distance.

“At night the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices.” – Erin Bow

Staring into nowhere, as people passed by me doing their exercises, chills spread through my body the moment I started to realize that path of life is just like that sight in front of me at the moment. Apparently it is a wide green land which gives you hope but just in no time at all, your ways get blurred and massive fog appears blocking your vision. In an instant you find yourself unsure of even taking a step forward. It all turns the other way around as the green land becomes your past and the fog, in what you have to deal with like a blind hunter, is what you all have now.

If you got lucky, you will get a clear sky next morning otherwise life would become as dodgy as you could not expect ever. You might not be left with any sunshine in your pocket and be forced by some caves bound of consequences. Some might get left hanging on the line and some might just suffer emptiness.

Maybe that is what I sensed in myself too… emptiness!

That night, the darkness did not seem to get over any soon as I finally rose and started to walk off the park. While I was stepping forward leaving the fog behind me, I passed from under a street light giving an impression as if I got a temporary sun in my way.


“I admire the fog, how it fades into itself.” – Marty Rubin

By ‘temporary’ I meant the episodes of bright times in our lives that come and go just like the real sun that rise and fall every day. I want to call it temporary because at times when it gets cloudy or fog appears, it doesn’t show up at all.

“I came to understand the most intriguing irony of life, that the most intimate partner of life is death.” – Neena Verma

Yet again, it comes back on a point where we all can understand life as unpredictable and as fragile as a water bubble.

Just be safe everyone and live the fullest of your lives!


49 thoughts on “Fog is Ahead

  1. This plane crash story caught me so off guard as well! I remember I was stressing about my deadlines (I’m a uni student) and when I heard, I was in shock. I had to take a step back from my work and just contemplate life. It’s crazy how much time we spend stressing over stuff when our time here is limited. We just need to bare that in my mind at all times to avoid getting too caught up in the stresses of life and just live.

    Also as a side note, I love that you add quotes in the middle. Very nice touch, might be stealing that 😉

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    1. I can understand and you are right! We stress over things so much that would not actually matter in the end any ways. So yeah, we have got to level our stresses and life too. If course life shall be given the highest priority.
      Thanks for liking! I love reading quotes and scholarly sayings so I just can’t hold myself on putting these nice words in my posts either. 😄

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  2. Life and death is a universal truth. Its thought provoking and heartscratching writing which you have written. Very well done.
    Yes ! We have to move on.Its the rule of life.
    Keep up the good writing!

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  3. Beautifully written and sound observations. Articulation is awesome.
    My heart is still mourning our loved ones in that plane. And i wish that this incident act as a wakeup call for our government authorities so that they could devise some strong mechanism to prevent such tragic incidents.

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  4. Beautiful ruminations on the fragility of life and the potential uncertainties that await us. I liked fog as a metaphor to denote melancholy enveloping us in a time of grief and loss. A moving piece

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  5. Life’s fragility is probably one of its advantages. It frees us from the determinism of permanence. When we come to know that we are not here for long, it should rather make us free to act as fearlessly as we can. A very nice piece. It sounded so lose to what you felt at that moment. Loved.

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  6. You have a way of creating magic with words. They’re simple sentences but carry heavy messages. I was left awestruck by your narrative.
    Indeed, a wonderful blog. Count me in your fab list Habiba 🙂

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  7. Life has got its own ways to surprise us, and so does death. You never know when you encounter it (death).
    The way you narrated the whole incident, it did give me chills. It made me feel little closer to the unpredictability of life, but that is how the game of life is. Isn’t it? You don’t know which turn of yours will become the last turn, which sentence or which sight would be your last. So as it goes without saying ‘Live every day of your life as if it’s your last’. But very rarely we do that in practical life.
    Hence, just give your best and be your best. 🙂


  8. When we lose someone to an ‘untimely’ death we realize in what ways they have been a quiet but yet influential part of our life, our community and beyond. It’s the disruption that makes us wonder whether we took the person for granted or didn’t give them our attention the way we wished we had. It’s in our experience with death that we begin to more fully appreciate our life and the lives of others.
    You struggle is visceral without giving way to your sense of hope.

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