2016 – A Happy Ending!

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” – Roy T.Bennett

It started off with my final examination of Bachelors and the vacations afterward. In January, came my birthday along with series of celebrations. First, my farewell at university and then the sweet birthday surprises I received from my loved ones.

With a pleasant start of 2016, I began my vacation by exploring some cities of my country that I have never been to and some that I have visited before but had not gotten a chance to see in detail. At this point i was the happiest girl on earth, having a break from studies, birthday celebrations and being a graduate after all.

Sensing the freedom within, I flew like a bird in sky so wide, with no worries at all. In early part of 2016, I had a road trip of ten hours long to the city of shrines, Multan, one of the oldest cities of the world dating back to almost six thousand years. I stayed there for four days and visited every historical place, Mausoleum and shrine that i could before heading towards my next destination. In Multan, I had a great chance to gather historical knowledge about numerous shrines and their significance for its people.

I believe in Sufism, it was an extraordinary experience for my soul, i felt refreshed, as if my soul traveled and explored those shrines and smelled their soothing fragrance twice as my body did. My body might have gotten tired but my soul felt as green as it had never felt before. It was an amazing trip, accompanied by my lovely sister, followed by another road trip to Lahore afterwards.

In Lahore, the city that never sleep, I joined my friends who got there the same day and were waiting to meet me anxiously, just like I was eager to see my friends there too. We all had the energy of free graduates who are ready to party and celebrate. we all decided to travel Lahore as our celebration trip after graduation. It was hardly anytime when we were willing to sleep or rest, we were as excited as a person could be. After three days of continuous fun in Lahore, I returned home to enjoy some more vacation with my family as well.

On Eid, I visited Naran and Kaghan Vallies on a three day trip with my family and cousins. It was a lovely time which I am sure I will always remember, I saw my parents enjoying and giggling lots. Everyone was so excited as we all visited these well known places for the first time. It was a refreshing trip. I remember, I did not wanna come back home from the beautiful sights of North.

In 2016, I have traveled a lot and am certain to write about each trip in separate blog posts, I am sure they are worth mentioning a while. My convocation was another happy day, about which I have already shared on my site, that also added well spark to 2016, a memorable one for me.

I started blogging, finally this year, however, it has always been my favorite thing to do. I am glad I took this initiative, thanks to the response of all my fellow bloggers, their support have been great.

I call this year a box full of happy moments, although there had been some low moments too, such as, the unfortunate plane crash of a domestic flight that I have also mentioned in my post ‘Fog is Ahead’. Life is the name of ups and downs, I believe.

2016, for me, has been more on the part of globe where sun is always shining and even if it turns out to be dark, there always is the moon and stars shining for hope. I feel blessed to be alive and happy all 365 days of 2016.

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” –  Ashley

When it started, I did not have a job and I was only a fresh graduate with tiny pocket to spend off. Now, I am a respectable employee of a good company having some to spend around and cash my education just like it has always been cashing me. This is how 2016 ends on a happy note, happy employment to myself. Haha!

At the end of this year, I want to thank all those who have been part of my life and who have somehow stayed connected. Thank you fellow bloggers and all my readers for your love to me and my site.

I feel blissful knowing that 2017 is reaching right in a short while, Yahoo! my birthday is near, at the same time, I am sad that 2016, an amazing year with profound value, is waving off. ‘Goodbyes’ are hard! 😦

“All I was afraid of is saying good-bye.” – Mitch Albom

Anyways, I love you 2016 and so I have to let go of you! I love you my dear ones! I love you all!

Last but not the least, I love Penning my Life… 🙂


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