Thank you Friends!

I could not expect this day to come where I have 100 or more followers on my site ‘Penning Some Life’ which I started just as casually as I write diary everyday. It never appeared to me that I would get such loving and encouraging response in blogging community, but, I am glad that I did.

I feel lucky to have all you guys connected with me through my site. My blog is one of many things close to my heart… and so are you, my friends! I am pleased to be surrounded by quality people here and I look forward to have my circle broaden up even more.


I can not thank you guys enough for being an outrageous support through out since the day I started.

Penning some Life has now become a part of my everyday routine and for all I would say it is a part of myself.

I love you all! Thank you so much!

Cheers!! πŸ˜€


36 thoughts on “Thank you Friends!

  1. Ajacha bombay ya vishyavarun maza eka parprantiya mitrashi vad zala,mi ani to bas madhun jat astana to sarkha aj muze bombay jana hai…..asa ulekha karat hota….mi rahto goregoavat pachim upnagar mumbai, tycha mahnan hot bombay mahnje dakshin mumbai…mag mi tyala bolalo ata kay apan mumbai chya baher ahot….va spashtpane mahnalo pahile tar bombay navacha kuthal shahar nahi…… time pasun mumbai hyach navacha vapar kar…………


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