I have been thinking lately that we, humans, have come into being for what so ever reason.. Are we even fully aware of the path that we are onto and where this path is leading us? At one point or another, people tend to think of something out and believe in it for some time as they, later, realize that they are losing it too. It gets frustrating as well. You try to hold on to things but everything seems to pass by and nothing stays forever.

Despite of the psychological attachments one can possess with different parts of life, it is not too easy to keep wandering here and there every time. I mean, it gets exhausting! Knowing that a certain thing is not staying along for too long yet still believing in it, which also disappear with time and you find yourself with a bunch of realities staring in your face. It really demands a heart to keep banging your soul into the surroundings, wanting to stick to at least some of it, knowing that it would hurt a lot but not being able to help it either.

At moments, it feels like the time where you were destined to be. God! it kills when Karma plays a bitch.

I heard, time change people change. I can bet that its true! When time goes on and eventually it does not remain the same, people tend to change even if they do not want to. Some like it later on and some keep trying to adjust into it, anyhow. One way or the other, our souls go through this struggle of reaching the end, or let say destination.

It is hard to say, a time comes when you have got to know that there is no destination. There was no end to this start. Some would disagree and would still go on or they would consider their destination of a worldly thing, too. Not a bad idea, I say. But, today or tomorrow, we all know… nothing is forever. Our bodies might stay here but the souls would keep on traveling even then.. to where is unknown. How harsh does it sound? The very soul that has been holding me together for all this life will also let go of me and leave me in abundance.

Things change and you have to let go even if you were not ready. You might get tired of moving back and forth to gather some sense, too. Life is a tough thing… though I do not know about the hereafter.


I made a post after long this time, happy to catch up friends!

Cheers! Hold tight to all the good things in life. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. Is it possible, in the final analysis, for one human being to achieve perfect understanding of another Habiba?
    We can invest enormous time and energy in serious efforts to know another person, but in the end, how close can we come to that person’s essence? We convince ourselves that we know the other person well, but do we really know anything important about anyone.

    PS- Good to see you after what seems like ages.


    1. Neal, Thank you for commenting. In that regard I would say that no matter how much time and energy we spend to know another person, we still can not know the other person fully. Although we think like we really know the other person but we never know how much the other person has yet to show or express to us.
      I can totally relate to it because my nature is kind of private too and even though i hear my closed ones say that they really know me as a person but i always secretly disagree. I personally think that no human being can totally assess another person.

      PS It is a pleasure to see you too!


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